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Single License

262 $

196 $

single cost

1 user
no sharing
unlimited mailing list
send unlimited
Multi license

772 $

579 $

single cost

unlimited users
sharing database
unlimited mailing list
send unlimited



There are three types of licenses Mailing List Studio: Freeware, single license y multi license.

The Freeware license is free. All functions are active. The only limitation is the number of contemporary sents, you can send unlimited time, but never more than 50 emails at time. This license is free. Just SMS is unlimited in all version.

The single license includes the installation and use of a single user. The program can be installed on multiple computers, but must be used by a single user. The database can not be shared by more than one location, but each location has to work with your database.

The multiple license allows you to install and use the software on any number of PCs and users (must are all the same company). You can share the database Mailing List Studio with other computers on the network, or VPN. You can also use different PC with different database.

Both versions (single and multiple) have the same functionality, but being able to use the Single license only one user can't share database with other stations. While the Multi license has a total stake in the group to use the database of mailing lists. (Click here to view chart diagram explaining the different versions)

The licenses cost an isolated event. The software is not license expires. No fees or periodical subscriptions. Together with the license comes a package of updates valid for one year from date of purchase.


Differences between the versions

Features Versione
Send unlimited SMS.
Send unlimited Emails. Max 50
Sending quick with Turbo Engine that allows you to send up to 50 times faster. Max 50
Installing and Using Mailing List Studio by a single user.
Installing and Using Mailing List Studio with unlimited number of users and workstations.
Sharing database from multiple PCs simultaneously.
Database sharing on a network or VPN.
Real-time statistics of the messages sent, failed, suspended, and read.
Detailed statistics of each recipient.
Geolocation contacts who read the newsletter.
View in map geolocation of each newsletter.
Anti SPAM control.
Management Subscribe / Remove.
Unlimited Account "subscribe/remove".
Managing bounce messages.
Unlimited Account "bounce".
Subscribers to the newsletter on your website with a link.
Protecting the privacy of the recipients. No disclosure of address information to other members of the mailing list.
Create unlimited mailing lists.
Division mailing lists in groups, subgroups for unlimited levels.
No limit to the number of recipients in each group and in the whole mailing list.
Managing the Recycle Bin and restore deleted contacts.
Managing the block list (list of blocked contacts to which it is impossible to send the newsletter).
Import and export Block list from/to text file.
Backup and restore database mailing list.
Importing contacts from MS Office®, text files, CSV, ecc.
Export contacts to text files, Microsoft Excel®, Microsoft Access®.
Advanced search contacts.
Submission History. With totals, averages, time, sent Mb.
Saving Account settings senders.
Unlimited Account senders.
Sending messages with SMTP server or directly without SMTP.
Open files Microsoft Word®.
Open messages Microsoft Outlook®.
Integrated Message Editor. Ability to save and store messages generated in .mssx file format for reuse.
Opening older versions messages of Mailing List Studio.
Resizing objects within the message.
Messages with standard HTML formatting, images, audio and attachments.
Import pages from HTML files or websites.
Ability to embed images within messages or link them to pictures on the Internet.
Templates ready for use.
Custom messages with the recipient's details (name, surname, etc.)
Elimination double recipients for a group or for all mailing list.
Advanced mailing list management.
One year of free updates.
Support via email, chat online.

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