Differences between licenses

Mailing List Studio is available in two different licenses: Single License and Multi License.

The single license connects to the Mailing List Studio database and does not allow data sharing with other stations. This type of license can save the database as a backup and reuse it as needed.

The multi license allows you to connect to a shared database on the network. This feature allows you to share data with the entire network (LAN, WIFI, VPN). It is also possible to work on multiple individual stations using different databases.

To share the database proceed in this way:
1. Select the "Save mailing" button and choose a shared folder on the network, reachable by all the PCs you want to connect.
2. From all PC stations select the "Open mailing" button and choose the database file previously saved on the network folder.
From this moment the PC workstations all connect to the same database.