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This is a fabulous opportunity to buy Mailing List Studio at a reduced price.

The offer in question, active these days, gives you the opportunity to buy Mailing List Studio with a discount of 30%.

Hurry! Why will not last forever but only for a few days.



The list price of single license is 133 Euro, 30% off to 93.10 euros.

The list price of multi license is 366 Euro, 30% off to 256.20 euros.

The list price of enterprice license is 999 Euro, 30% off to 699.30 euros.

Prices are excluding TAX. The TAXES will be calculated in the form of purchase in accordance with the international rules.


Differences between the licenses

The single license is a single-user. It can be installed on multiple PCs but must be used by a single user. The database can not be shared by more than one location, but each location has to work with your database.

The multi license is, as the name suggests, multi-user. It can be installed on an unlimited number of PCs and used by multiple users (as they are all the same company). You can share the database of mailing lists with other PCs, Network, Wi-Fi or VPN. You can also use the multi license on a multi PC with different database.

The enterprice license has all the features of the multi license. In addition you will have support from one of our operators during the installation and for the first configurations. With this license you will have priority support available.

Both licenses have a one-off cost. The software is licensed on an unrestricted non-expiring. There are no fees or subscriptions periodicals. Along with the license comes a package of upgrades valid for one year from date of purchase.


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