First steps...

We list here the first steps to play inizare to send newsletters with Mailing List Studio in a few minutes.


1. Create a sender account

First we need an Account sender to send messages. The sender account is the mailbox that sends messages. Essential to send the newsletter.


2. Create a message to send

Second essential thing is the message to be sent. In this guide we will see how to create one in a short time and tackle some features of the Message Editor.


3. Add contacts to your mailing list

We will add some contacts to our mailing list and it will modify the registry. We will also see how to add groups or subgroups to the database of Mailing List Studio.


4. Send the newsletter

Last step is to send the newsletter. It will be shown how to select the account the sender, the message to be sent and contacts you want to send. In addition, you will learn some useful functionality for sending statistics or requests for assistance.