1. The price

Mailing List Studio costs a flat fee, which is paid only once at the time of purchase.
The software has no expiration date, no fees or periodical subscriptions, no limits on the number of articles and all mail items are free.
Any other mail service on the network has a periodic consumption or cost (number of elements), and soon will cost more than a license to Mailing List Studio.


2. Data security

Choose Mailing List Studio will have full protection of your data.
The program is installed on your computer and the data will remain within the company.
A Web product instead forces you to publish your contacts on the Internet. Despite the promises made by the providers of these services, you'll never be sure that your data is safe.


3. Investment Protection

The philosophy of email marketing is growing tremendously. This leads to natural changes and the demand for more sophisticated services. In order to adapt to any news that we need to maintain our constantly updated software. For this reason we have chosen to protect your investment. With the purchase of a Mailing List Studio license you are entitled to one year of free updates. At maturity, you can decide whether to use the latest version available for you, or if you buy a package of low-cost upgrades and continue to download new versions.


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